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  1. Do you give painless, gentle shots?
  2.  Do you take low-dose, digital x-rays?
  3. Do you offer oral sedation, relaxation dentistry?
  4. Do you have a three dimensional CT scanner to evaluate my total oral health?
  5. Do you place and restore implants in the same office?
  6. Do you have the ability to make me a crown in one visit with no temporaries or molds of my teeth?
  7. Do you use a laser cavity finder to detect hidden cavities?
  8. Do you have an in-house VIP plan for patients with no insurance?
  9. Do you offer payment plans?
  10. Do you have extensive dental experience with decades of satisfied patients?

**The answer to all of the questions above is YES at Dr. Higham and Dr. Sauchelli’s office! If you want to experience modern dentistry in a relaxed environment please come join our family.