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Do you suspect you suffer from bruxism? If you are not familiar with bruxism, it is a common but potentially serious condition marked by the unconscious grinding of your teeth and typically occurs while you are asleep. This can make receiving a diagnosis difficult if you don’t see a dentist.

If you are experiencing signs of bruxism or worry you may be at risk, we have provided a list of common bruxism risk factors and symptoms to know:

– Your risk of bruxism can increase if you struggle with certain oral health disorders, such as sleep apnea.
– A persistent or recurring feeling of muscle soreness along the jaw or face is an indication that you should check with your dentist to determine if you have bruxism.
– Though it may not be a guarantee of developing bruxism, a preexisting jaw or facial pain disorder such as TMD can increase your risk of bruxism.
– A telltale sign of bruxism is having dull or flat teeth, issues with the jaw locking up, heightened tooth sensitivity, or muscle soreness in the jaw.
– Gum tissue that is sore, bruised, or looks chewed may be suffering from bruxism.

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