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  Bacteria show whom you’ve been kissing

In 10 seconds, intimate kissing can spread as many as 80 million bacteria, according to research. The study exposes not only the amount of bacteria that is transferred by kissing, but also the similarities between kissing partners’ saliva. The research tested the effects of intimate kissing on 21 couples’ oral microbiota by swabbing each subject’s mouth with a cotton-wool bud and collecting saliva samples revealed that the oral flora of kissing partners were far more similar than samples of non-kissing partners or people who did not kiss each other frequently. Intimate kissing alone did not explain the similarity, and that more kissing did not lead to more similarity, as one might expect. “It didn’t matter whether the couples said they french kissed nine times a day or nine times a year. Obviously, there are other important factors involved such as sharing the same diet or using the same toothpaste for example.” To measure the amount of bacteria exchanged between kissers, the professor used a “marker” of sorts by introducing a type of benign bacteria not normally found in the mouth. One partner in every couple was asked to drink probiotic yogurt and then asked to kiss their partner. After a short interval, they asked the couples to kiss again. Upon examination, partners who did not drink the yogurt showed probiotic bacteria from the yogurt on their tongues. It was concluded that the more often people kiss each other, the more alike the collections of bacteria in their saliva become.

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