Address the Cause of Bad Breath

Bad breath, which is medically known as halitosis, can be very embarrassing. You may try to cover bad breath with mints, gum or mouthwash, but these solutions are not lasting. Address the cause of the problem with the help of Dr. Higham and Dr. Sauchelli. Tobacco Products Smoking and using... Read more »

It’s Oral Cancer Awareness Month!

As it is Oral Cancer Awareness Month, we would like to share some helpful information about oral cancer. Oral cancer includes cancers of the mouth, throat, lips, salivary glands and tonsils. Who Is at Risk for Oral Cancer? There are several factors that may increase the risk of oral cancer.... Read more »

Are Dental Implants the Right Choice for My Smile?

For a patient who has lost one or more teeth, our dentists may recommend dental implants in Jupiter, Florida. A dental implant is made up of a dental implant post, a dental restoration, and an abutment. What Are the Advantages of Dental Implants? Dental implants are designed to look and... Read more »

A Dental Crown May Be Used to Restore a Damaged Tooth

A dental crown is a restoration that, when cemented in place, covers the entire visible portion of a tooth. A dental crown may be recommended to cover a tooth that is damaged. The crown can strengthen the tooth and improve its appearance. Why Are Dental Crowns Used? Dr. Higham and... Read more »

Fast Facts on Flossing

When is the last time you flossed? If you have a dental appointment coming up, it probably wasn’t that long ago. But for many people, that container of floss has been gathering dust in your medicine cabinet for a while. But if you don’t floss, bacteria, plaque and food particles... Read more »

Sick? Don’t Forget to Brush!

So, you have the flu. Or maybe you got lucky and you just have a cold. Whatever has you down, chances are good that brushing your teeth is one of the last things on your mind. But as much as you may want to bury yourself under a blanket until... Read more »

If Your Smile Bears Tobacco Stains, Consider Dental Veneers

The use of tobacco can be very dangerous to your long-term dental health as well as your overall wellbeing. Cosmetically, it can lead to significant dental stains that build on your teeth and are hard to remove. If you are looking to address stubborn tobacco stains, our dental team here... Read more »

Are You at Risk for Bruxism?

Do you suspect you suffer from bruxism? If you are not familiar with bruxism, it is a common but potentially serious condition marked by the unconscious grinding of your teeth and typically occurs while you are asleep. This can make receiving a diagnosis difficult if you don’t see a dentist.... Read more »

The Importance of Baby Teeth

Is anything more important than the wellbeing of your children? If you’re a parent, you understand that there’s nothing a parent wouldn’t do to care for their child. One of the things that you, as a parent, should do for your child is ensure that he or she receives proper... Read more »

What Happens During Root Canal Treatment

What have you heard about root canal therapy? If you have heard things from your friends and family, chances are that there is a little bit of truth mixed in with some misconceptions. How do you know the difference between fact and fiction? To set the record straight, our dentists... Read more »