Snap-on Smile

Snap-On Smile is the revolutionary new smile enhancement device requiring no adhesives, injections, or prepping. The design is flexible and strong, utilizing your natural teeth to hold your new smile in place. This exclusive design does not cover the roof of your mouth, or affect your gum line, making it... Read more »

Dental Coverage That YOU Can Afford!

Meet Dr. Andrew Sauchelli

Dr. Andrew Sauchelli was born and raised in Rochelle Park, NJ. As a young man he was a hard worker and perseverant student. His experiences in school and his hard work taught him to always do his best and continually strive to be better. This drive lead him to become... Read more »

Make Dentures a Thing of the Past!

Make Dentures a Thing of the Past! How do I know if Implants are right for me? Most patients find that dentures can cause more of a hassle than a solution. Patients with dentures often complain of discomfort, gagging, or problems with them staying in place. Since removable dentures are... Read more »

The Health of Your Mouth Mirrors Your Overall Health

Your mouth is a mirror that reflects your overall health and well-being.  It’s also a key determinant of your nutritional status and your self-esteem. Oral health means not just sound teeth. But what is oral health? First, the word “oral” refers to the mouth, which includes not only the teeth, gums... Read more »

Changing Smiles, Changing Lives

On Saturday, April 21, 2012, Dr. Debra Higham and Dr. Andrew Sauchelli, facilitated an event exposing their 25-years of wisdom, integrity and excellence within the Jupiter community. The event provided necessary dental treatment to those who are underprivileged and truly needed assistance. Invitations were addressed (in advance) targeting specific organizations/venues... Read more »

Stories That Make My Day

I had a real nice thing happen to me today.  My sister has always wanted straight white teeth.  Unfortunately she never was able to afford the orthodontic care that was necessary to move her teeth into proper alignment. In addition, since she is with public all day, she didn’t want... Read more »

Invisalign – Beautiful Smile, No Braces

The morning sun creeps over the window sill just as you begin to wake up.  You stretch and yawn and get up to start your morning routine.  As you look up into the mirror to start brushing the sticky, pasty, yucky from your mouth, you notice something different.  For the... Read more »

Gum Disease-A Medical Problem with a Dental Solution

Did you know that the Surgeon General reported recently that at least 80% of American adults have gum disease? Gum disease can cause heart disease, high blood pressure and stroke.  People with gum disease are twice as likely to die from heart disease and three times as likely to die... Read more »