Teeth Cleaning Jupiter | 4 Risks of Skipping Professional Teeth Cleaning

Your semi-annual visit to the dentist for your routine Teeth Cleaning Jupiter may be one of the appointments that you’re least excited about. Perhaps you’re not fully convinced that you need a professional cleaning every six months or your schedule is so tight that you can’t manage to squeeze in... Read more »

Dentist Palm Beach Gardens |Different Sleep Apnea Appliances

If you’ve been diagnosed with obstructive sleep apnea, a condition that causes the tissues to block the airflow to the lungs as the muscles around your tongue and throat relax while you sleep, we suggest that you talk to your Dentist Palm Beach Gardens. When left untreated, this can lead... Read more »

Jupiter Family Dentistry | All You Need to Know About Baby Teeth

Anyone who has kids are familiar with the teething process. However, if your little ones get a bit older and they go through the stage where they lose their baby teeth to gain the permanent ones that they will have until they’re old and gray, you may need to talk... Read more »

Dentist Palm Beach Gardens | What are the Different Types of Gum Disease?

If you’re one of the countless others who have this habit of skipping your bi-annual appointments with your Dentist Palm Beach Gardens, you have to realize that missed dental appointments can have a greater impact in your overall health than you may realize. For example, did you know that gum... Read more »

Dentist Palm Beach Gardens | What You Need to Know When You Switch to a New Dentist

People have a variety of reasons why they might be considering a switch to a new Dentist Palm Beach Gardens. You may be one of the countless others who may have decided to move to a different state. Perhaps your family’s dental care provider has just retired or maybe you’re... Read more »

Dentist Palm Beach Gardens | The Difference Between Lumineers and Traditional Veneers

Are you constantly self-conscious about your teeth issues such as stains, cracks, chips, and crookedness? Do you want to hide your teeth’s flaws and imperfections from the outside world and achieve that “Hollywood smile”? If your answers to both questions is a resounding YES, then you may have thought about... Read more »

Dentist Jupiter | Root Canals

Root Canals are often feared by patients, but they are a common and very safe procedure. Here are the basics about how this procedure works in our office. How the Work A root canal treatment is a procedure in which the diseased pulpal tissue in the root canals are removed,... Read more »

Teeth Whitening Jupiter | The Benefits to Whitening

One of the most popular cosmetic procedures being requested is professional teeth whitening. Here are the benefits to having this safe and fast procedure done by your dentist. In-Office Whitening In-office teeth whitening, also known as power bleaching or power whitening, are carefully monitored allowing the procedure to be safe,... Read more »

Jupiter Dental Care | Fluoride Treatment

One of the best ways to clean your mouth of Bactria andharmful substances is to use fluoride treatments. What is Fluoride? Systemic fluorides are those that are swallowed. Examplesinclude fluoridated water and dietary fluoride supplements. The maximumreduction in dental caries is achieved when fluoride is available bothtopically and systemically. If... Read more »

Dental Crowns in Jupiter | Types of Dental Crowns

When it comes to improving the overall appearance of someone’s mouth, there are many different options. One of the more popular options is dental crowns. A dental crown is used to cover a damaged tooth and improve its overall appearance. Let’s take a look at some of the different types... Read more »