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While not all dental procedures are guaranteed to improve the look of your smile, dental implants will improve the look, feel, shape, and function of your smile. Dr. Sauchelli has many years of experience placing dental implants in patients and often teaches other local dentists how to properly customize and place implants for numerous situations. So how, exactly, can dental implants improve your quality of life?

Dental implants are a tooth replacement treatment designed to replace lost or missing teeth with durable replacements that are firmly installed into your jawbone. Because dental implants are not detachable, they are extremely durable and hold beyond the capabilities of other tooth replacements. With the proper care and support, dental implants can last a lifetime of wear and tear. There are also no food restrictions with dental implants, so you can enjoy any meal you wish–even apples and salad!

If you do not replace missing teeth, over time your jaw can deteriorate and decay. However, with dental implants in place, and via a bone-to-implant process known as osseointegration, not only will your jawbone strengthen, but the bond between the implant and the bone will continue to grow tighter. Once dental implants are firmly rooted in place, they will not run the risk of falling out or sliding as dentures sometimes do.

Dental implants can help reverse aging that appears in your facial structure due to tooth loss. Dental implants are also extremely important for filling in gaps and preventing bacteria and plaque buildup in voids left behind by missing teeth. On occasion, tooth loss can cause speech or eating impediments. With dental implants, these impediments can be treated.

Care for your dental implants the same as you would care for your normal teeth, so continue to brush daily! If you would like to have a professional exam for dental implants, simply book an appointment with Dr. Higham and Dr. Sauchelli and the rest of our team at our dentist office in Jupiter, FL, by calling us at 561-746-8095. We look forward to seeing you smile bright this season!