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Getting x-rays taken at a dentist office can be a pain, both literally and figuratively. You have to bit down on those awkwardly shaped bitewings and have to wear a heavy flak jacket to protect yourself from the radiation from the X-Ray machine. Thanks to digital x-rays though, those days are over. Let’s take a look at some of the benefits of digital x-rays from a dentist in Jupiter.

Higher Quality of Care

As we touched on in the introduction, one of the worst parts of conventional x-ray machines is the radiation that it puts off. While the cover-up blocks out the majority of the radiation, there is still a concern when it comes to exposure. Digital x-ray machines typically reduce radiation exposure by at least 75%. That will put your patient’s mind at ease.

Enhanced Image Quality

Digital x-rays allow you to spot potential issues that more traditional x-rays systems might not be able to spot. Digital x-ray machines provide image quality that can bring out tiny fractures and imperfections that might have been missed otherwise. In addition, it allows you to zoom in on something to get a better look at it.

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No More Lost Images

Since the x-rays are taken digitally, they are automatically saved onto the computer. That means that you, and your dentist, no longer have to worry about any x-ray photos being lost or misplaced.

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