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Since your dentist Jupiter wants to provide you with the best possible dental care, don’t be surprised if he tells you that he would need to see a clearer image of your teeth through dental x-rays before he can accurately diagnose your problem. Although visual examinations are great, sometimes these aren’t enough to tell your dentist Jupiter what he needs to know – especially if your case involves cavities or growth issues.

X-Rays as ValuableDiagnostic Tools

In case you’re wondering, x-rays are called radiographs and they play an important role in any dental care treatment plan in the aspects of prevention, screening, and diagnosis. They give your dentist Jupiter the ability to see inside and between your teeth that are not visible to the human eye. Furthermore, dentists also look at x-rays to evaluate cavities, check for the presence of abscesses, cysts, and other masses. Aside from this, x-rays are useful when it comes to identifying congenitally missing or impacted teeth as well as the extent of bone loss brought forth by severe gum disease.

The Different Types ofX-Rays

The most common types of X-rays that are being used in the dental office are the bitewing, periapical, and panoramic x-rays. When your dentist Jupiter wants to check for any signs or decay between your teeth, he would take two to four bitewing x-rays during a routine exam so that he’ll get a good view of your teeth’s crown portions. However, he would take a periapical X-rays if he wants to get a good look at the bone height or root tips of your teeth. The panoramic x-ray provides a clear image of your entire oral cavity and is used to identify tumors, jaw disorders, bone irregularities, and impaction.

who is a good dentist jupiter?

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