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People have a variety of reasons why they might be considering a switch to a new Dentist Palm Beach Gardens. You may be one of the countless others who may have decided to move to a different state. Perhaps your family’s dental care provider has just retired or maybe you’re not satisfied with the dental services you’re getting. Whatever your reasons may be, the whole process involved when you’re ready to make a change is pretty much the same.

WhatHappens After You Find the Right Dentist Palm Beach Gardens?

If you’ve already zeroed in on a reputable Dentist Palm Beach Gardens who receives positive recommendations, accommodates your family’s personal needs, takes your insurance, delivers great customer service, and whose location and work hours fit your schedule – Congratulations! Now it’s time to think about the next step: moving your dental records from your previous Dentist Palm Beach Gardens to your new one.

What’s inYour Dental Record?

Known as patient’s chart, it’s a written record of your dental and oral care history. It includes your previous diagnostic records, x-ray images, treatment plans, consent forms, and home care instructions. If you’re moving into a different state, you’ll need to know how this information is handled because state and federal laws are not the same. Therefore, the details may vary from state to state.

Why Do YouNeed to Transfer Your Previous Records?

  • If your new Dentist Palm Beach Gardens will havea complete idea about your long-term dental health, he’ll be able to provideyou with a personalized oral care routine.
  • You won’t have to worry about leaving outimportant details about oral health problems you’ve faced or dental proceduresyou’ve undergone while you fill out an intake questionnaire.
  • Your Dentist Palm Beach Gardens can point outproper timelines for new treatments as well as your specific risk factors whenit comes to dental and oral health.
  • You won’t have to take new dental x-rays ifyou’ve taken one in within the past 12 months. Having your dental recordstransferred can save you money.
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Looking for a New Dentist Palm BeachGardens?

If you’re new in town and are looking to find the right Dentist Palm Beach Gardens for you, call Dr. Higham & Dr. Sauchelli to schedule your consultation! You can count on us to give you the dental care you need and deserve.