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Did your Dental office take these 5 pledges

When it comes to choosing a dentist, character counts. In a 2015 survey by the American Dental Association, 69 percent of people polled said they were more likely to choose an ADA member the next time they were looking for a dentist.
The reasons why are simple. Patients who took the survey said they appreciate the patient-first promise that ADA dentists make as a part of the associations code of ethics. To us, nothing is more important than caring for our patients honestly, ethically and to the highest level of excellence.
Below is a breakdown of the five pledges we make as outlined in the ADA Principles of Ethics and Code of Professional Conduct and what awaits you at your next appointment with us.

  1. Respect a Patient’s Wants and Needs. As a patient, we want you to be involved in decisions about your treatment. We encourage questions and expressions of concern regarding your care. A partnership in care is the best relationship. So when we treat you, we don’t do the dentistry TO you, we perform the care FOR you at your request.
  2. Do No Harm. Our duty is to keep you safe and healthy. Our office practices the highest level of sterilization and cleanliness. We are proud of our facility, be sure to ask for a tour. The other part of this pledge is to keep our knowledge and skills up to date. Dr. Higham and Sauchelli complete a tremendous number of hours of continuing education annually to provide our patients with the highest level of science-based dental care.
  3. Do Good. This means that we provide high-quality and timely treatment, while considering your needs, desires and values. To “do good” as a dentist means to consider each patient as an individual and treat them accordingly. At Dr. Higham and Dr. Sauchelli’s office for over 30 years we have developed relationships with our patients. Many people have sent their friends and entire families to our care.
  4. Be Fair. Dental care is provided without prejudice. Everyone is treated fairly, regardless of race, creed, religion, socioeconomic background, ethnicity or current health conditions. What is frequently heard at the office is “Let’s see how we can fit this treatment into your lifestyle”.
  5. Be Truthful. The best doctor-patient relationships are based on trust and honesty. Whether your treatment is to eradicate disease or to look better and feel younger, you will experience why the office of Dr. Higham and Dr. Sauchelli is the place to go in Northern Palm Beach County.

You will develop a doctor-patient relationship with either Dr. Higham or Dr. Sauchelli. It is your choice as to with whom you prefer to partner. Many of our patients take advantage of seeing both doctors particularly when your treatment plan may benefit from a collaboration of their combined knowledge.
If this is the type of professional relationship that you may have been missing at the dental clinics or doc-in-the-box centers, and you value your health more than a five minute check-up and ten minute tooth polishing, then give our office a call at (561)746-8095. Visit us online @ You will feel the difference immediately.

About Our Practice
We want to exceed our patients’ expectations in every possible way and are committed to excellence in all of our services to our patients so that we may help them achieve the highest level of dental health in an atmosphere of trust and empathy. Our highly proficient and technologically advanced dental team has been in Jupiter since 1986 bringing quality dental care to our community. We continually strive to learn all the newest treatment modalities and bring a new meaning to oral health care. Dr. Higham & Dr. Sauchelli stress that overall health begins with the mouth. We will treat you like family! Our office is conveniently located at 500 Maplewood Dr. Suite B1 (right next to the bowling alley). Our office phone number is (561)746-8095 and our website is  *New patients always welcome.