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Has your dentist sat down with you and explained what they are going to be doing in depth? You don’t need those special 3D glasses like for Jurassic park; we can show you right at our office.

Let me explain some of the uses for 3D technology in dentistry:

  1. Wisdom teeth positioning or any other teeth impactions
  2. Airway assessments and sleep apnea diagnosis. With the appliance in your mouth during the 3D scan; the doctor can make sure the appliance is advancing your lower jaw enough to stop the airway from closing
  3. Root Canal lesions, treatment, and diagnosis of those extra canals that are almost always present
  4. Orthodontic treatment
  5. Aid in the diagnosis of oral cancers or tumors
  6. Dental Implants: This is the ace kicker! A key to implant success is the quality and quantity of the bone where implants are being placed. There are a lot of important factors to consider when placing implants.

Dr. Sauchelli plans every implant ahead of time based on your anatomy. He will show you your 3D scan with the implant(s) in place and what to expect before you even get to the procedure itself. It’s really nice to be able to visualize the final result. This is technologically advanced dentistry with predictability and years of experience personalized for you!