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The use of tobacco can be very dangerous to your long-term dental health as well as your overall wellbeing. Cosmetically, it can lead to significant dental stains that build on your teeth and are hard to remove. If you are looking to address stubborn tobacco stains, our dental team here in Jupiter, Florida, can offer porcelain dental veneers as the answer to the cosmetic treatment you need and want.

Dental veneers are custom, tooth-shaped shells consisting of a special dental porcelain material. Each of your dental veneers are shaped to replicate the front surface of each tooth in the front of your smile. The dental porcelain material will replicate the appearance of natural white tooth enamel but will be more resistant to dental stains than the original tooth enamel, which can help reduce the appearance of tobacco stains on your teeth.

This is a great solution if you are unable to counteract those dental stains with teeth whitening. If you are struggling with a smile stained by tobacco, give us a call at 561-746-8095 today to speak with our dentist about receiving custom dental veneers at our clinic in Jupiter, Florida. Let us help you get your best smile today!