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Have you ever thought about the benefits of a professional fluoride treatment? Did you know that fluoride is naturally present in the world, including in most bodies of water, and can naturally help prevent tooth decay and gum disease? In many local water supplies, fluoride is added for our own protection. Fluoride is added to our oral health care routine because it has been shown to help prevent cavities in children and adults and continues to make tooth enamel more resistant to harmful acids and plaque buildup.

Although there are many products and methods to achieve fluoride treatments, professional cleanings followed by the placement of fluoride varnish at your dentist are guaranteed to be safer and more effective than alternative fluoride treatments. To ensure you get the proper dosage and effective amount, schedule a visit with our office for a professional cleaning with fluoride.

When searching for fluoride-containing oral health care products such as toothpaste, look for the ADA Seal of Acceptance or speak with your dentist about product recommendations. Our team offers fluoride varnish and we suggest products such as Clinpro 5000 anti-cavity fluoride toothpaste, and MI Paste, or fluoride tablets for children.

No matter the professional fluoride treatment you desire, Dr. Higham and Dr. Sauchelli and our team are here to give you the healthy and beautiful smile you desire. Schedule an appointment to come see us at our dentist office in Jupiter, FL, by contacting us at 561-746-8095. Come align your oral health care goals with us!