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The morning sun creeps over the window sill just as you begin to wake up.  You stretch and yawn and get up to start your morning routine.  As you look up into the mirror to start brushing the sticky, pasty, yucky from your mouth, you notice something different.  For the first time in your life you have straight, white teeth!  Your reflection sports a bright beautiful smile that you wouldn’t dare consider hiding.  BUZZ, BUZZ, BUZZ! All the sudden you find yourself back in bed and reaching for the alarm clock.   Oh, no it was just a dream……

Well, dream no more, we can help make those dreams a reality.  If you have been thinking that “some day I’ll get my teeth straightened, but I don’t want braces”, well someday may be here now.  We have been performing Invisalign orthodontic treatment for our patients with fantastic results.

What is Invisalign anyway?  It is a process that utilizes a series of clear, paper-thin devices that you wear to assist in moving your teeth into proper alignment.  At the completion of treatment you will have the nice straight smile that you have been dreaming about.  But how about whitening the teeth?

When they are in proper alignment either from Invisalign or naturally straight, it is possible with a new state-of-the-art whitening process, to brighten your smile five shades lighter. In the time it takes to get a good massage, you can have beautiful white teeth.

Sounds expensive. Does this treatment cost a lot of money?  Glad you asked!

Due to the special relationship that we have with Invisalign, we are able to offer 24 mos. of interest-free financing with NO down payment to make it easier to have the beautiful smile you always wanted.  So, stop dreaming and set up an appointment to see Dr. Higham or Dr. Sauchelli today.