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As you’ve practiced answering questions in the mirror fifty times, you notice your teeth look yellow. You check your breath and think, “oh my!” What to do? This job interview is coming up. “What will they think of me?”

Job interviews are important for any career. Whether or not you get the job is dependent on more than just the question and answer session.  Your appearance is what is seen first and foremost. Your smile is the second key component noticed, following your eyes.

What are employers looking for or looking at? A first impression is made within the first five minutes of meeting.  The eyes indicate to the employer; “is this individual trustworthy and confident?” Then comes the greeting: your smile. Does your smile show that you care about yourself and you take care of yourself, or that you are health conscious? These judgments and assumptions are all made without answering the first question pertaining to the Job.

As your attire matters and reflects your maturity level so do your teeth.  Someone well groomed reflects the level of thought and care that they’ve put into preparing for the interview.  How can you prepare your teeth before, during and after?

Before the Interview-

  • Make sure to brush; if possible use an electric brush as this can help to lift stain caused by coffee, tea and red wine. Remember to also brush your tongue, a white tongue is covered in plaque and will cause bad breath. Floss as well, as this will remove additional bacteria causing bad breath.
  • Brighten your smile. If your teeth are stained you can brighten them by whitening your teeth. If possible a professional cleaning with your dental hygienist is the way to go; this will lift the most stain and can help with the bad breath bacteria.
  • Eat something. You don’t want your stomach to do the talking during your interview. Avoid sugar, soda, fish, or candy as that can cause bad breath.

During the interview-

  • Do not chew gum. This is very unprofessional and reflects immaturity.
  • Smile. Show them that you are excited for this opportunity to meet with them and have done your homework, so you are well prepared.

After the Interview-

  • Don’t forget that your appearance reflects how much you care. If you reflect that you can’t take care of yourself, how can the employer trust you to take care of their business?

Remember your Oral Health is a part of your appearance.  We would love to help you get ready for your new career. Come see Dr. Higham and Dr. Sauchelli and meet our TEAM! Take care of yourself, you’re worth it!