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Make Dentures a Thing of the Past!

How do I know if Implants are right for me? Most patients find that dentures can cause more of a hassle than a solution. Patients with dentures often complain of discomfort, gagging, or problems with them staying in place. Since removable dentures are not connected to the jaw or gum, bone tends to recede with time and that could bring on an array of other problems. An implant would be a solution to all of these problems and eliminate the possibility for bone loss. If you’re interested in having a permanent, flawless smile without the hassle of caring for dentures, then implants are for you!

What are Implants? Implants are small titanium cylinders that are surgically inserted into the bone of the jaw to replace the roots of missing teeth. Because the implants serve as a substitute, they also ensure the stability of the jaw bone. Missing teeth cause shifting because they need one another for support. When the teeth begin to shift, plaque builds up easier and can be harder to clean. This can contribute to bone loss and gum disease. With an implant, we keep the bone intact and make every day activities easier than ever before.

What options are there for Implant procedures? The first option is a modified denture. When the implants are in place, a titanium bar can be attached to the implants. Then a denture is made that holds a clip on the inside so that the denture can be snapped into place at the implant site. This is an excellent option because it prevents slipping and discomfort but can also be taken out at the patient’s discretion. The second option is a bridge. These are either cemented or held in place by screws. Both options keep pressure of the bone and prevent loss. Another option is to replace the loss of a single tooth which will prevent shifting and return your beautiful smile.

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