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Dr. Andrew Sauchelli was born and raised in Rochelle Park, NJ. As a young man he was a hard worker and perseverant student. His experiences in school and his hard work taught him to always do his best and continually strive to be better. This drive lead him to become the athlete that he is; Dr. Sauchelli competes in marathons, weight lifting, karate, and several endurance adventures. Sharing those experiences with his patients, shows how he strives to do more, even outside his practice.
How is this important to what he does now? Dr. Sauchelli has dedicated his life to his profession – Dentistry! He is continually researching new technology to bring the most up-to-date service to his patients. Challenging and improving himself and his team to bring a level of service that few offices offer.
By providing the highest technology available with the VGI 3D scanner, Dr. Sauchelli can bring you the best that implant dentistry has to offer. Imagine an exact replica of your jaw, and head in 18 seconds with minimal radiation! With this information, Dr. Sauchelli is provided with the optimal 3 dimensional image to correctly place your dental implant. With the VGI 3D scanner he knows before-hand what to expect when he begins your implant procedure. Your implants are built perfectly for you and you alone! Dr. Sauchelli is replacing the roots of your teeth enabling you to eat whatever you want, smile, laugh, and interact with your loved ones without embarrassment.
Preservation, education, compassion and personalization you will see are what Dr. Sauchelli stands for. You, as his patient, get all that and more. The best care available from a dentist who believes your health and wellness and beautiful smile deserve on the best dentistry there is to offer. We invite you to come in and meet Dr. Sauchelli.

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