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Cancer is a word no one likes to hear. Even so, it needs to be treated as soon as possible to ensure a successful recovery. That is why, our team here in Jupiter, FL, would like to offer you some information on detecting oral cancer.

Oral cancer may show up on your lips, cheeks, gums, tongue, the roof or floor of your mouth and even in your throat. The signals appear in many forms, including red or white patches, pain, tenderness, sores or irritations that won’t go away, a lump, difficulty swallowing or chewing, trouble speaking, and even a shift in the alignment of your bite.

During your dental exam every six months, your dentists, Dr. Higham and Dr. Sauchelli, will check you for symptoms of oral cancer. That is one of the many reasons that you should make your regular dental checkups a priority. If you find something suspicious outside of the exam, you can call our office right away to book an appointment.

Call us today at 561-746-8095 for an oral cancer screening or dental checkup today! Our devoted staff is happy to assist you in any way we can to help you with your oral health and getting your best smile yet.