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For some of us, summer means lazy afternoons by the pool and fun family evenings at sporting events, (Jupiter Hammerheads) concerts or traveling. For others, it’s all about playing video games, staying up late, and snacking on junk food.

Whatever it is you like to do- the freedom from doing homework, the thought of sleeping late and the hopes for some good summer fun lingers in the minds of our children.

We’d like to share some tips that have helped us in the past with our daughter, nieces and nephews:

Tip 1. Keep the kids active. Too much free time leads to more snacking and can lead to weight gain. Don’t let them say to you “I’m bored”. We all have stories of what our parents told us if we dared to utter those words!

Tip2. Make a special drawer that has healthy pre-measured snack options in it. Keep washed fruit in a bowl that is visible and easily accessible. Pre-washed vegetables are another great choice.

Tip 3. Trade in sports drinks for WATER! Sports drinks contain SUGAR and every sip leads to an acid attack in your mouth. (When sugar combines with plaque a 20 minute acid attack is produced; each sip is an extra 20 minute attack). Drinking water prevents tooth decay and also can save you money.

Tip 4. Secret to Summer FUN is MODERATION! Enjoy the popsicles, ice cream, s’mores around the fire at night- but don’t go to sleep without brushing and flossing those teeth.

Tip 5. GET A NEW TOOTHBRUSH! We love the sonicare toothbrush at our office and have a fun children’s version (with stickers & different colors) and always have the replaceable heads for the whole family.

Tip 6. The combination of late sleeping teens and working parents brings a concern for skipped morning brushing. Even though it seems childish, you may need to bring out those behavior charts and daily checks to ensure the best check-ups.

Tip 7. For all the parents out there that want their children not to miss school for their dental check-ups: NOW IS THE TIME!! Schedule it before your summer vacation so you get it over with- bring all the kids in at the same time and make it easier on you- Mom or Dad!

Tip 8. If your baby is finally going away to college!!! Get them the very important breath check and the “thumbs up” teeth check from the dentist before they go.   Consider the WISDOM TEETH: most of the time they won’t need those teeth or the teeth won’t fit comfortably in the mouth, and are a great source of discomfort as they are cramming for those freshman exams- Ask us how we know! Deal with all these issues when you have the time.

 We hope this is helpful. It’s a lot to think about but having kids there’s always a lot to think about, at least planning ahead can make it easier on us. We can help you with that. As parents ourselves, we always do what’s right for you: Mom and Dad. Conserving your time, seeing things before they become a problem, speaking with your kids to meet their needs and always with their best interest in mind (as if they were our own children). It’s been a pleasure being a part of Jupiter families since 1986 and it’s with great pride that we are able to help you keep your children’s teeth clean and healthy. There are a ton of children that want to be Dentists because of their childhood Dentist- we personally have 3 that are out and about in the world now- that feels great!