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I had a real nice thing happen to me today.  My sister has always wanted straight white teeth.  Unfortunately she never was able to afford the orthodontic care that was necessary to move her teeth into proper alignment. In addition, since she is with public all day, she didn’t want to wear braces.

Recently, mostly due an arrangement that I have with Invisalign, I was able to provide for her a series of paper-thin clear devices that are gently moving her teeth.  Now instead of “tinsel” teeth, no one knows that she is straightening her teeth but her and me. We are planning to whiten her smile when she is finished with her aligners.

What about the “nice thing that happened to me?”  My sister called me today to tell me that she was walking through the mall today when two young, handsome gentlemen who were walking in the opposite direction, one said to the other “Did you see that lady?  She has the prettiest smile.”

My sister overheard the man say the she has the prettiest smile.  She immediately called me in tears to thank me because “No one has ever said that about MY smile”.

Now I have a huge smile on my face, too,

Dr. Andrew Sauchelli,