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Is anything more important than the wellbeing of your children? If you’re a parent, you understand that there’s nothing a parent wouldn’t do to care for their child. One of the things that you, as a parent, should do for your child is ensure that he or she receives proper dental care from a young age. In addition, it is important that you teach him or her proper dental hygiene techniques.

Your child’s chompers are critical to their wellbeing. Pearly whites help children as they chew, speak, and smile, making teeth critical to their health and development. Baby teeth also hold space in the mouth for the permanent teeth that are developing under the gums. If a baby tooth is lost early, the growing permanent teeth can drift into the empty space. Because of this, the other permanent teeth may not have sufficient space to come in as they should. This can cause crowding or crooked teeth when the other permanent teeth grow in.

Caring for your child’s primary teeth is beneficial to their smile for years to come and we are excited to help you in this endeavor. Please call 561-746-8095 to set up your child’s Jupiter, Florida, checkup with Drs. Higham and Sauchelli. Our dentists and team are dedicated to giving you and your child the best care possible, and they’ll treat you just like family when you stop in for your visit.