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February is Children’s Dental Health Month! Here are the top 3 ways you can help your children keep their mouths clean and free of disease:

A Good Start

Developing good habits at an early age and scheduling regular dental visits helps children to get a good start on a lifetime of healthy teeth and gums. Dr. Higham and Sauchelli celebrate National Childrens’s Dental Health month, we support parents by teaching good oral health practices from Baby’s First tooth into adulthood. Babies love to put things in their mouths so letting them play with a toothbrush will get them used to the feeling of bristles in their mouth.


Make it a habit

Brushing your teeth 2 minutes 2 times a day keeps your mouth healthy and smile bright. For children this can seem too long, making a game of it with a timer can be helpful or counting their teeth as they’re brushing helps to make them aware that each tooth must be cleaned. Make it a habit to stick around while your child is brushing. Yes we want to encourage independence in our children; however, accountability will help them stay on track with the care of their mouth. Instilling the importance in them at a young age that the health of their mouth is tied directly to the health of their body is essential. Be positive, keep it fun! Let them pick out their own toothbrush with their favorite character on it. Here is a fun tooth brushing chart that you can download and let your child put a sticker on it twice a day, morning and evening brush.


Start Young

Introduce your child to the dentist by the age of 2. This will help them to establish a healthy understanding without fear of their dental care. The dentist is fun and when we start young we can prevent future decay. When your child starts their dental journey you will be guided by the dentist in your child’s tooth eruption time table and knowing when their adult teeth are coming in, if braces are needed and when sealants should be applied.


What to Drink On the go

Children are always on the go playing sports, exercising or just having fun together, they’re always on the go!

Here are some helpful tips to help guide you through the selection process of your child’s beverages. Drinks loaded with added sugar are not healthy choices and should be avoided. Drinks with some added sugars and sweeteners should only be chosen occasionally. The healthiest beverages have no added sugar or artificial sweeteners. So…What do you choose? Can you guess How many teaspoons of added sugar are in a 12oz. serving of each of these drinks?

  • TAP WATER – 0 teaspoons of added sugar
  • MILK- 0 teaspoons of added sugar
  • UNSWEETENED SOY ‘MILK’ – 0 teaspoons of added sugar
  • LOW-CALORIE SPORTS DRINK – 1.5 teaspoons of added sugar
  • FLAVORED MILK – 4 teaspoons of added sugar
  • FRUIT SMOOTHIE – 11 teaspoons of added sugar
  • REGULAR SODA – 10 teaspoons of added sugar
  • ENERGY DRINK – 12 teaspoons of added sugar
  • SPORTS DRINK – 7 teaspoons of added sugar
  • SWEETENED COFFEE DRINK – 14 teaspoons of added sugar
  • SWEETENED ICE TEA – 8 teaspoons of added sugar
  • FRUIT PUNCH – 11 teaspoons of added sugar
  • LEMONADE – 10 teaspoons of added sugar

Healthy habits formed young are the ones that last a lifetime. Remember, be positive and keep it fun! Here at Dr. Higham and Dr. Sauchelli we want to exceed our patients’ expectations in every possible way and are committed to excellence in all of our services to our patients so that we may help them achieve the highest level of dental health, both young and old alike. Our dental team has provided quality dental care to the Jupiter community since 1986. Dr. Higham and Dr. Sauchelli stress that overall health begins with the mouth. We would love to be the dental home for you and your family. We are conveniently located 500 Maplewood Drive, Suite B1 (right next to the bowling alley, you could make a fun day of it and take the kids bowling afterward!) Call to make an appointment at (561) 746-8095. Our website is You are always welcome to stop by and have a personal tour of the office and meet your New Dental Family!